Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Nature decided winter wasn't over today. Huge quarter-sized clumps snow flakes decided to fall gracefully around Northwestern tonight, and I couldn't help but stare up in the sky with wonder. I was coming back from the Tea Garden with some friends, and like school children we swirled and skipped and let the snowflakes softly land on our heads and faces and tongues.

Snow makes me feel fresh inside, squeaky clean. It's brisk and cold, yet gentle when it lands on your cheek, like a small child's wet kiss. All these white kisses gather on the ground and pile up in heaps, on the muddy ground, the naked trees, the dead plants, and they cleanse everything they touch, covering the brown of winter.

This reminds me of a song I wrote with a friend two winters ago...

The cold is piled in heaps
I long for warmth and a smile on your face
Winter's long here, I can't stay
but for a smile on your face
Look up for sunshine here, I said look up for sunshine here

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