Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sleep is overrated.

I got back from choir tour this evening at about 7 0'clock. It was a glorious time, and I was greatly looking forward to vegging out in my room, maybe doing some homework, yet I still felt this overwhelming sense to just go outside and frolic a bit (an over-used phase, but fitting). Off I went to find a nice place to sit and sort things out while I attempted to do my homework, and soon a familiar tree caught my eye. This is a tree I have been longing to sit and read a book since last fall, yet every time I have passed this particular tree, I have been rushing off to class, most likely late. Today time seemed slower, so I walked barefoot off the cement into the vibrant green grass up to this magnificent tree. The tree is shaped kind of like the palm of a hand with the fingers pointing up all around, just a perfect place to sit and ponder life. And I did just that. On a glorious day like this, that is all I needed.

(ok, bad story, I know, but my tree makes me happy.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Here's part of a series of poems I'm working on, I'm trying to write them like a symphony with different sections to form one larger work. I'm sure there's a name for that, but I don't know it. Yes, I know it's kind of "emo". Get over it! ;) It'll make sense in context eventually.

Hear the dark rain Pound on the windshield,
I down your warmth.
I am Silent. I am Screaming.

Watch the headlights Pass us by slowly,
I catch your eyes.
Your eyes they Marvel. Your eyes are Masked.

Drink the delight Poured on our whispers,
We loose the way.
We are Naïve. We are Knowing.

Feel the thick air Pull apart and spoil,
You meet my fault.
I am Quiet. I am Crying.

Is the meter too obvious? How about the similar starting letters/sounds (P's, Qu-C, N-Kn, etc.)