Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sleep is overrated.

I got back from choir tour this evening at about 7 0'clock. It was a glorious time, and I was greatly looking forward to vegging out in my room, maybe doing some homework, yet I still felt this overwhelming sense to just go outside and frolic a bit (an over-used phase, but fitting). Off I went to find a nice place to sit and sort things out while I attempted to do my homework, and soon a familiar tree caught my eye. This is a tree I have been longing to sit and read a book since last fall, yet every time I have passed this particular tree, I have been rushing off to class, most likely late. Today time seemed slower, so I walked barefoot off the cement into the vibrant green grass up to this magnificent tree. The tree is shaped kind of like the palm of a hand with the fingers pointing up all around, just a perfect place to sit and ponder life. And I did just that. On a glorious day like this, that is all I needed.

(ok, bad story, I know, but my tree makes me happy.)

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Helen said...

hi Laura! I miss you!