Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a study in snack

After the Doc's ok at her 4 month check-up, we decided to get along with feeding Ellie a bit of oatmeal cereal.

Even though both her parents are avid lovers of food, I wasn't totally sure she would follow suit.

So momma...whachya making over there?
I'm suppose to do what with this?

OOOHH it goes in my mouth!

(inspecting spoon)
Its not too strange...

In fact...I think I even like it! 

Wait, you're gonna what? 

Hey, there's stuff on it now!

(nom nom)....yummy stuff....



Yup, I think we have a foodie-in-training.

1 comment:

Alaina said...

That's awesome she liked it! Natalie ate cereal really well the very first time we gave it to her, and after that she never really ate it unless it was mixed with fruit.