Sunday, February 18, 2007

My diversion on Freedom

This post is being written, ironically, for the sole purpose as to avoid writing a paper for my Sherlock Holmes lit class. Why is it that when the words are forced out of me, the come so reluctantly, yet other times, it is as if I will explode if I can't write? Alas.

On this occasion I would like to ponder change. I noticed today I've changed in distinct ways since I first came here last August. Not just my clothing choice, the length of my hair, or percentage body fat. I can see my personality beginning to take shape. I know more who I am.
I think this happened because I've had to take everything I've ever learned with a grain of salt and actually figure things out for myself. What do I actually believe? Of course I know what I've grown up to believe. But now that the facts are at my fingertips, how does what I believe spill out into action in my day to day life? Before, all my knowledge was mostly theoretical, and now I'm getting a chance to test these beliefs in the lab that is my life.
And then there are the choices. Oh, the choices in life. I'm beginning to learn I don't have to do what I have always done, and my life has opened up into a million possibilities. I can do what I actually want to do. Freedom. From parents. From high school small town cliques. From many sorts of expectations.
But, most liberating of all, I'm slowly learning about my Freedom in Christ. I have always struggled wondering about the trivial things in life, what does God want me to do? What is right in His eyes? If I feel convicted through the Holy Spirit to do something or not do something, does it mean that all Christians need to feel convicted about this as well? Similarly, if my friend feels very convicted about not watching R movies, am I displeasing God by not feeling convicted as well? Well, my eyes opened in New Testament class as I realize I am not bound by someone else's conscience, but only by my own(1 Corinthians 8).

Well, my paper is beckoning me. Although I have freedom to take a break from my work, I definitely think it's time to get back to work ;)

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