Tuesday, January 22, 2013

two years.

Its been two years since my last post.



 Two years ago, I might have chosen to try and reflect on it all, to ponder for hours what I thought life would be like as a bright-eyed, smitten newly wed, how I never thought about having babies and being wonderfully-horribly pregnant, or what it would be like to be a crazy sleep-deprived momma, or how I blogged before everyone else thought it was the 'cool' thing to do...

 but I think it will be just easier to jump into life. Perhaps there will be snapshots along the way of the past several years, but there's just too much to unload.

Ellie liked touching the flowers. (in the future we might have to control this...for now it's tame I suppose)

Today our little family (Peter, Ellie, and me) ventured into a magical place for too short an hour - Como Zoo Conservatory. The greenery, the thick air, the memories of heart-felt conversations with friends, does something for my soul.

I see hope there.

Hope that the bare branches outside, the arctic air, cold death, leads me to forget. What? It can be over 40 degrees? There will be green things shooting out of those branches? What, we will be sweating outside again? ...its too easy to forget we don't permanently live in a frozen tundra. Its also sweet (torturous?) to feel the contrast of 75 degrees to -3 in a matter of seconds.

Here's to hope and new beginnings. To old blogs revisited. To lives re-reminisced. Who knows, maybe you'll even seen a poem or too up again.

Well...lets not get too crazy. After all, the dishes are indeed piled high, the laundry overflowing, the baby, crying.

That's another (LONG) post.

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