Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well...things have begun to pick up! Now i'm a little less turtle-ish, maybe a little more grazing cow-ish? I definitely like to eat like one sometimes...mmm now I want beef...

I've been meeting with old friends recently. Isn't it weird when you tell someone that you're completely free (or a few people, I suppose), and then suddenly you are booked again. Like, can't there be some kind of consistency? Maybe that is my scheduling probably. But how pick can you be? "Oh, well I have to meet with someone the day before that, and just to keep my schedule open for other opportunities, let's meet two days from then!" Umm...probably not.

Although, I suppose that does allow for the many hours of Etsy-ing I end up doing every day. It's probably a horrible habit, and I've even begun to feed it monitarily.

And it allows me to go to the post office. There's something magical about the post office - I really love the smell of packaging materials. I love the feel of a crisp box, never been used, and the contrast of that with an old beat-up, well-loved one that's been used many times. I love licking stamps.


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